After the warning of BS Yeddyurappa, Minister JC Madhuswamy told the woman, shut up, rascal


After BS Yeddyurappa's warning, the minister told the woman, 'Shut up, Rascal'

BS Yeddyurappa promised “drastic action” if such incidents happened again. (File)


A day after Karnataka law minister Jesse Madhuswamy was seen abusing a local female leader on video, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa reprimanded his senior cabinet colleague, saying that his behavior was “unbalanced by a minister.” Mr Madhuswamy apologized on his part, but said he had reacted to her “bad behavior”.

On Wednesday, Mr. Madhuswamy, who is also the Minister of Minor Irrigation from the Department of Water Resources, was heard abusing the district president of Nalini’s Karnataka Farmers Association in a clip broadcast by local news channels. The woman went to meet the minister to submit a memorandum to remove encroachment on a lake.

In the video, Mr. Madhuswamy is clearly heard saying, “Shut up, you are evil.” He is also heard saying that he is a “very bad man” and that he should air his grievances and not orders. When Nalini questioned the minister’s behavior, the policemen on duty asked her to leave to stop the situation. The incident occurred when the minister was inspecting a project in Kolar, about 65 km from Bengaluru.

“What he did was wrong. I have warned him. It is unforgivable to use derogatory language against women. This kind of behavior is not that of a minister. I learned about this matter after reading the newspaper. I am concerned woman. I will talk to you. If you happen in future, I will take strong action, “Mr. Yeddyurappa told reporters on Thursday.

However, Mr. Madhuswamy told reporters that he would apologize if he hurt a woman’s feelings. “When one person crossed the limits, as someone has self-respect, I responded. If the word is wrong, I apologize … The way he behaved was very bad. . I also should not have used (the words). ” They said the way I did, because I was scared.

The minister’s behavior drew criticism from opposition parties, who have demanded his removal from the cabinet.

Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah said that Mr. Yeddyurappa should apologize to the woman from the minister and remove her from the ministry.

Expressing surprise about Mr. Madhuswamy’s conduct, Congress state president DK Shivakumar said that in public life, people’s grievances should be heard with patience. He said, “I support Siddaramaiah’s demand to leave him (Madhuswamy) from the ministry.”