At the time of PM Narendra Modi, Mamta Banerjee’s Cyclone MFAN Survey, A Mark Social Distancing


As PM Modi arrived in Bengal to assess the damage caused by the cyclone, tensions showed.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Rs 1,000 crore aid for West Bengal after an aerial tour of the state where 80 people have died and infrastructure has been badly damaged by Cyclone Amphon.

“We will support Bengal with relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction in this hour of tragedy. We all want West Bengal to move forward. In these testing times, the Center will always stand with West Bengal,” the Prime Minister spoke of financial help. Somewhere As “advance interim assistance” to Bengal.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who was kept at a distance from them as part of the virus’s precautions, later told the media that the Prime Minister did not clarify that it would be an “advance or package”.

“He said that he would take a decision later but he said it could be done in advance. I said whatever decision you take, we will give you the details,” Ms Banerjee told the media.

“In this hour of crisis, we feel that we should work together. There are many areas where they can help us, the state government is present in this country and the central government is also present. If there is a crisis, So everybody has to work together. ” “Said the Chief Minister, who is angry at the Centre’s hooliganism and interference in his state and has accused PM Modi of depriving Bengal of wealth.”

Ms. Banerjee’s interactions with the ruling BJP are increasingly sharp for next year’s elections in North Bengal.

As PM Modi arrived in Bengal to assess the damage caused by the cyclone, tensions showed. It was a day of social disturbance from the airport to the survey helicopter to the subsequent press conference.

In pictures commenting on social media, Ms. Banerjee was seen moving much ahead of PM Modi after her reception.

In Chopper, Bengal Governor Jagdish Dhankar sat in front of the PM while Ms. Banerjee was not in the same frame.

In the briefing, PM Modi said that a central team will survey the damage.

“In this hour, we are also facing a coronovirus crisis. The mantra of fighting coronovirus and the mantle of fighting a cyclone are completely opposite. In Corona, people should stay where they are and observe social disturbances. Should. In a cyclone, people have to move. For safety, “the prime minister, who used a scarf as a mask during his visit, commented.

“Despite these contradictions, West Bengal is fighting well.”

The cyclone swept across coastal Bengal on Wednesday, damaging thousands of homes and uprooting trees and electric poles. The state capital Kolkata suffered heavy losses as strong winds from roofs, walls and trees blocked the roads.

Ms. Banerjee had asked the Prime Minister to visit the state which according to her, had caused a loss of Rs 1 lakh crore.

PM Modi’s first trip out of Delhi in 83 days as he remained in Delhi due to the nationwide lockout to fight coronovirus.