“Concert from Home” A Global Hit by South African Musicians of Indian Origin


The initiative has now become an international hit.


An initiative by a group of South African musicians of Indian origin to showcase their talent online during a nationwide coronovirus lockdown has become an international hit.

The “SA Musicians Against COVID-19” project helps artists showcase their talent in Indian music and song, sometimes with dance.

The project was initiated by Johannesburg residents – Lexi Shunmogam, Chitra Perumal, Creeson Mudley and Guru Poven Pillay – to entertain people for a few hours over the weekend during lockdown while bringing all the singers and musicians together in one concert . Extraordinary via Facebook

The initiative has now become an international hit. Members of the group said they now have their hands full every day of the week, with demands from artists who want a slot on their Facebook page.

Almost every major artist from South Africa who performs religious or cultural songs, especially in the Tamil community, has already been featured, with organizers turning down numerous requests from artists from India and other countries.

“Our aim was to showcase the talents that we have here at home, including providing a platform for children who are learning art with local teachers. We can hardly think that artists who have ever had a Have not performed with how they will be on the same stage. At some stage, “Mr. Shunamogam said.

“Started as a small and humble initiative is now a unique and almost unique ” Concert from Home ” event, which has inspired thousands of people worldwide through music,” he said.

Last week, priests from various temples across the country offered Kavadi prayers on the “SA Musician with COVID-19” Facebook page.

“Shunamogam said,” Demonstrations of light music and cover versions of Indian film songs have also been in high demand, so we celebrated a special weekend on May 15-17, where artists would perform in this genre. “