Divya Aggarwal is trolled for posting such things as period ‘private’ things, in return for school education


Divya Aggarwal, who is currently in quarantine with her boyfriend Varun Sood, posted that she was on her period after being embarrassed by the troll. She lay down on her Instagram stories, as she ran her fingers through her hair. “When I’m in periods, she doesn’t know what to do,” she wrote.

The video earned the wrath of an Instagram user who slapped Divya in a private message and advised her of ‘some manners’. He wrote, “Bloody sh * t uh r … now period B anari karogi kya … Din mi kitna ped lagati h woh bata bata hai (Are you going to announce your period too? Now what’s left All is for you to talk about how many sanitary pads you change in a day) .. have some manners..your private thing is q decrowse (why are you disclosing your personal things?) . ”

Troubled by hate, Divya schooled the Instagram user. “Din mi 10-12 pads * ho jaate hai (About 10-12 pads a day) – ask me because no one teaches you right!” He replied. In his other Instagram stories, he wrote “I’m on periods. Moody, yes, but I really want to educate people. Shut up n pamper dealing with girls around you every month!”

Hindustan Times

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Divya participated in the reality show Splitsvilla 10, and finished second on the show alongside Priyank Sharma. She then went on to win the first season of the reality show Ace of Space, where she met Varun and fell in love with him.

Currently, Divya and Varun are set to host a television show called Ace the Quarantine, which will see them giving the task to the contestants. The pair have already shot a few episodes of the show from their home.