Dog meets Beastie after a long time, what comes next is a pure joy to watch – it’s viral


Friendship is the most precious gift of life. Although some friends come and go, many times we get lucky, who live with us and no doubt, it is a wonderful feeling. It turns out that the feeling is not special to humans and is also present in our dog friends. In fact, one video aptly captures the reactions of two dog besties who are meeting after a long time.

The video, shared on a Twitter profile named A Golden Name Kevin, has now made a place in many people’s hearts. It shows that Kevin was sad that he could not meet his friend despite FaceTimeing every day. Therefore, Dogo’s human decides to take him on an adventure – to see his bestie. After this Kevin is a pure joy to watch when he meets the other canine.

With over 33,000 views and over 3,800 likes, the video received public reactions.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all day, thank you! … why are dogs so cheerful in the Haat? “Wrote a Twitter user.” Thank you for such a bright story, “expressed another.” It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, let’s all be more like dogs, they know that really every How to get the pleasure and value of every minute of the day, “a third tweeted.” I love Kevin, “wrote a fourth and many others expressed the same belief.

There were also some who tweeted GIFs to express themselves:

What do you think about this meeting of the besties?

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