iPhone users can now unlock their phones wearing masks

IOS 13.5 update prompt that is now reaching all iPhone users. (Image: News18.com)

IOS 13.5 update prompt that is now reaching all iPhone users. (Image: News18.com)

Apple has also brought its Exposure Notification API through the iOS 13.5 update, which can be used by the smartphone contact tracing app.

The iOS 13.5 update for iOS is here for users around the world, bringing a much-needed update that makes it easy for iPhone users to unlock their devices while wearing masks. The update takes into account the prevailing healthcare regulations worldwide, suggesting people wear masks in public at all times. Along with an update to Face ID to accommodate masks on Face, Apple’s iOS 13.5 update also brings an exposure notification API, which Apple has introduced to enable seamless integration of the Kovid-19 contact tracing app by national or regional regional departments Made in association with Google.

As seen in the release note for iOS 13.5, iPhone users who use Face ID, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 instead of Touch ID . Pro Max will automatically see the numeric passcode field presented to them, along with turning on the iPhone display and attempting to unlock the device when wearing a mask. This small but significant increase can go a long way in reducing moderation for users, who are now either stuck excessively to remove their masks in order to unlock their iPhones, or by automatically changing the passcode field Repeated failed face recognition attempts wait to be recorded before turning on. . The update can be quite helpful for healthcare professionals, for whom repeatedly removing their face masks or waiting too long to be able to unlock their devices can be a major obstacle.

In addition, the iOS 13.5 update also brings the exposure notification API tools jointly developed with Google to enable cross-platform Kovid-19 contact tracing. While the update is being released worldwide and has also arrived in India, it remains to be seen how this update is reflected in India’s official Kovid-19 contact tracing smartphone application, Arogya Setu. While the API will be introduced across all iPhones, contact tracing will require app developers to enable the use of the API by the respective app, so that they can come into effect. Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing API have focused on the privacy debate surrounding contact tracing, and it is now to be seen how this update reflects on all existing contact tracing apps around the world.

Other areas that improve the iOS 13.5 update include minor improvements to FaceTime group video calls where the current speaker’s video tile will now be highlighted responsibly, a black screen issue in some video streaming apps (app names unspecified) and slides A bug in When you try to share a file with your iPhone, the -out menu appears. The iOS 13.5 update hit the ‘Golden Master’ (pre-release testing) stage just two days ago, and measures 420MB in size for users who keep their devices regularly updated. The update is now available to all iOS users in India.