Mahabharata actor Satish Kaul, in the “Struggle for Basic Needs” lockdown, asks for help


Satish Kaul with Punjabi actress Preeti Sapru Mahabharata (Courtesy Pritisapru)


  • “I am staying in a small rented place in Ludhiana,” he said
  • “I was living in an old age home before,” he said
  • “The lockdown has made matters worse,” he said

new Delhi:

Actor Satish Kaul, who was once a sought-after actor in Punjabi cinema and television and also worked extensively in Bollywood, has been badly affected by the nationwide lockout, the PTI report said. Speaking to the news agency, Satish Kaul, now 65, said that he had previously been living in an old age home, but is currently living in rented accommodation, where he came a while ago: “I am a small renter. Living in place of. Ludhiana. I was living in an old age home earlier, but then I am in this place with my good Samant Satya Devi. Spoiled. “Satish Kaul’s statement, as reported by PTI, is said to be ending hours after the report came to an end, living in an old age home in Ludhiana, Punjab.

However, Satish Kaul, who is identified as Lord Indra of BR Chopra MahabharataAsked members of the entertainment industry to reach out for help as the state of affairs worsened during the lockout: “I am struggling for drugs, groceries and basic needs. I would appeal to industry people to help me Hmmm. I got a lot of love. As an actor, I need some attention now as a human being, “Mr. Kaul told PTI.

PTI reports that Satish Kaul moved to Punjab from Mumbai and started an acting school in Ludhiana in 2011, which was not successful. However, several reports also stated that after that, he was employed at a university in Patiala for a paltry sum of money. Talking about his acting school venture, Satish Kaul told PTI, “It came to a halt and everything I was working on later was affected after my hip bone fracture in 2015 . I was bedridden for two and a half years. Hospital. Then I had to check into an old age home, where I stayed for two years. “

Recalling his days as a popular actor, Satish Kaul said that he is ready to resume his career as an actor: “It’s okay if they’ve forgotten me. I love them so much Mila and I am grateful. I will be forever. ” Audience indebted to him. Right now, I want to be able to buy a nice place of my own where I can live. The fire of acting is still alive in me. It is not over. I want someone to give it to me. Even today, any role, and I will do it. I am ready to act again.

Satish Kaul’s resume as an actor includes over 300 Hindi and Punjabi films. He has acted in films like Love had to happen, not aunt 1, Zanjeer, Yarana, Ram Lakhan among others. other than this Mahabharata, He has also acted in TV shows Vikram and Son. Satish Kaul was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards in 2011.

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