Migrant Workers Karnataka: 11.6 lakh want to leave Karnataka, 80% of them are Bengaluru news

BENGALURU: Number of people willing to leave Karnataka Have seen a Mass jump 12 lakhs as registration, about 80% are workers. While it has industries and construction sectors, the government is under stress to ensure that smooth transit is provided to those who are leaving, especially workers.
As of Wednesday night, the Seva Indus portal had received 8.3 lakh applications from 11.6 lakh stranded people desirous of leaving the state. Of these, 1.4 lakh applications were from those who intended to leave their families, while over 6.8 lakh applications were from 9.1 lakh workers.Apart from the workers, there are about 2.5 lakh stranded people including tourists, students and pilgrims. So far, around 2.9 lakh people have left the state, including 2.6 lakh sent through various labor special trains.

Although the government says that we can work up to 33% of our strength, more than 10% to 20% of workers have not reported back to work. This is particularly a problem with skilled labor and the fact that this is happening when we are already dealing with scarcity of raw materials, working capital, and more significant demand would have made the situation worse. Is, “Jay Crusta, national executive member, FICCI, said.

Workers who work with the workers say that there was a huge jump in registration after the state decided to bear the cost of their travel. “While there were applications earlier, we have now seen a sudden boom, which is very high. We are working with the railways and other states to ensure that all these people travel safely,” said a senior official. Do, but you should understand that there are no people in administration in any state, who have experience in dealing with such mass exodus.

Of the 9.1 lakh workers who want to leave Karnataka, 60% want to return to the five states of Bihar, West BengalRajasthan Rajasthan Jharkhand And Odisha.

And, not surprisingly, most of the people (55%) who want to leave Karnataka are currently in Bengaluru. While 5 lakh people are stranded in Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural has 59,437, followed by Belagavi (26,124), Kolar (22,819). Ballari (21,169).

While government officials reported that most of these are construction workers, Chambuve Gowda, director of Hombley Constructions, said: “More than 50% of our workers are already abandoned and our productivity is severely impaired. If this If continued, delivery will be delayed, resulting in a financial burden as it will affect the cost. Many of our employees were also leaving our camps last night. ”

Manjunath Prasad, the officer-in-charge of the outgoing migrants, said that Karnataka has consulted with the Government of West Bengal to provide consent for Karnataka to send people. On Wednesday, Prasad requested West Bengal Additional Chief Secretary MV Rao to allow 22 special trains to operate from Karnataka. The state is also coordinating with all other states, especially Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha.


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