Telangana police arrested mother, son for NRI of Rs 65 lakh


Police said that the family is in the business of cheating NRIs. (Representative)


The Telangana police on Thursday arrested a woman and her son from Jubilee Hills on charges of cheating a non-resident Indian (NRI) for Rs 65 lakh.

Jubilee Hills Police said, “A woman named Malvika Devati, 44 years old and her son Venkateswara Pranav Lalit Gopal Devati, 22 years old, have been arrested for giving NRIs of Rs 65 lakh on the pretext of marriage,” official.

Speaking about them Modus operandi Police said, “Venkateswara had created a fake profile of his mother on a marriage portal by the name of Kirti Mahavanni. A fictional story was written on the website stating that Kirti Nandagavi Hills, a wealthy doctor living in Jubilee Hills And she has many. Qualities. It is also said that her father has died and her mother Mahalakshmi Madhavanani is harassing Karti for transferring assets in her name. However, if she marries. So she can keep the assets with her. “

A California software engineer reacted to Varun’s wedding profile.

“During further dialogues between Varun and Keerthi, the latter asks for some money saying that he has to fight a legal battle against his mother. He tells her that he will have legal rights over her property after marriage.” Varun transferred Rs 65 lakh to the account number given by Keerthi, ”the police said adding that trio later ran away with the money.

According to police, Malvika Devati is involved in several cases of cheating with her husband and mother-in-law.

He said that the families are in the business of cheating the NRIs as they are accustomed to living a luxurious lifestyle.


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