UK revokes visa for stranded foreigners of COVID-19 until 31 July


Many foreign nationals have been unable to return home since the coronovirus outbreak (representative)


The UK government on Friday announced a further extension of the expulsion or expiration of all expatriates, including Indians, unable to return to their home countries until 31 July due to a coronovirus epidemic.

The extension, announced as early as 31 May, has been extended for two months and will apply to anyone whose leave ends after 24 January in the UK and due to travel restrictions or self-segregation they are still in the country. Are unable to leave.

Britain’s Home Secretary Preeti Patel said, “By increasing the visas of the people, we are giving them peace of mind that they can stay in the UK till the end of July.

“Government is one of many unprecedented measures to support people during this time, however, as we normally begin a vigilant retreat for those currently on expired visitor visas in the UK Should return home as soon as possible, “said the Indian-origin cabinet minister

The Home Office said that while the expansion is done to help all those who are unable to get home before 31 July, those who currently return home on temporary visas such as Visa Visa in the UK, as soon as it is safe and possible So. It added that a dedicated coronavirus immigration team is working with individuals to make this process “straightforward”.

“Those who contact the Home Office for these visa extensions will be expected to return to their home countries as soon as possible after the flight and the border is crossed. For those emailing the Home Office, any immigration in the meantime Enforcement action will not be taken. Mentioned above, “the Home Office said.

It added that to help those who want to apply for a visa to stay in the UK for a longer period, the Home Office is also extending in-country switching provisions until 31 July.

This would mean that people could apply to switch to longer-term routes remaining in the UK, usually only possible from outside the UK.

Many foreign nationals found themselves unable to return home after the outbreak of coronovirus due to flight cancellations and border restrictions.

In light of current advice on self-segregation and social disturbances, the Home Office said it is also meeting several requirements of visa sponsors, such as allowing non-EU citizens to study, or work here Under the study route. Work or study from home.

The UK was announced in Delhi as the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) when some of India’s expatriate citizens (OCI) card holders were allowed to be able to access Air India repatriation flights between London Heathrow Airport and various cities in India. was given.

OCI card holders with an emergency for India and university students are among those who will now be able to access these flights, which until now have been restricted to Indian passport holders only.